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200  Hour
OM Yoga Teacher Training Program

Searching for a Yoga Teacher Training Program with substance and soul? One that is grounded in the ancient teachings, but designed for the modern Yogi?

Want to deepen your yoga practice, and enrich your knowledge of the many lineages of Yoga? Yearn to discover the healing benefits of this amazing practice, and take your wisdom out in the world to share?

Join us to find your Inner Zen!
Study with us to enrich your life and teachings
from a mind-body-spirit perspective.

Mentorship Programs

A mentorship is an invaluable gift to give to yourself to enhance your yogic journey. Studying under the tutelage of a seasoned and senior teacher can bring much joy to your practice and quickly develop skills that are challenging to harness elsewhere.

You will observe classes with a new eyes, hear teaching with advanced ears and learn to create unique sequences that are soulful, loving and stimulating. Choosing the right mentor is a bit like choosing a friend - someone who will nurture you but not be afraid to communicate where growth is needed. Through the course of the mentorship, you will learn to assist and do hands-on adjustments with many students in an assortment of classes, workshops, trainings and retreats. When we are complete, you will become an amazing teacher and be fully prepared to walk into any setting and teach Yoga!

WE accept mentor students in Vinyasa, Gentle, Yin, Restorative and Yoga Therapy. You may study in one area or comfortably cross train in several.


60 Hour Mentorship includes:

54 hrs in class + 5 hrs of a special project + 1 hr private w/ staff.

Cost = $595

100 Hour Mentorship includes:

90 hrs in class + 10 hrs of a special project + 1 hr private w/ staff.

Cost = $895

All mentorship programs are a combination of practice, observation, and hands-on work with students. Yoga philosopy, theory, anatomy & physiology, asana, breath-work, sequence strategy, props, music and career directions will be explored.