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The Art of Teaching Meditation (10hr training)

This training will teach a variety meditation techniques and how to best instruct students to develop and keep a meditation practice in their lives. We will discover how to become advocates for this magical practice that has the capability to transform our world. Yin and Restorative Yoga will also be taught as an accompanying practice to our meditation sessions.



Hands-on Assists (10hr training) with Amber Henzi & Cindy Walker

Physical adjustment is a direct and personal form of communication. Healing touch is a modality that can change lives. Done well, both can be transformational — creating positive teaching patterns, building a strong mind-body connections, and strengthening yogic awareness for your students. Join us for a two day exploration into the various families of postures, and how you as a teacher can use your hands to help your students intensify their focus, alignment, strength, therapeutic and spiritual experience. Saturday will review the gentle side of postures, and Sunday will focus on the vinyasa / power side of hands on assists.

This training counts as 10 hours towards the  300/500 hour program.


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Yoga as Medicine  with Cindy Walker (20 Hour Training)

Therapeutic Yoga, sometimes referred to as Yoga Therapy, is a carefully designed collection of restorative and gentle yoga, breath-work, guided meditation, inspirational readings and music, and hands-on-healing. It is highly appropriate for those recovering from or living with chronic illness or injury, physical or emotional trauma of any kind, or post surgery patients seeking ways to gently ease back into movement.

COST: $375


Yin Yoga is perfect to integrate within or use at the end any type of yoga class; hence, a valuable tool to have in your personal practice or teaching repertoire. Embodying this practice can lead to a deepening of personal transformation and insight into life, love and our relationship with others.



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The Mind on the Mat: Yoga, Emotions & The Personality (10 hour training)

Touching down upon your yoga mat, you begin to feel your body with all of its aches, pains and resistances. This is your first point of contact with your yoga practice, and most often, where you will spend the vast majority of your time. The mind tends to be ignored a bit in yoga, yet the mind, is very much at the helm of this practice. Dealing with the “mind on the mat”, the emotions that arise through the practice, and your personality is really at the core of all of yoga.

-Be prepared for (2) gentle yoga classes, each to include yin, restorative yoga and meditation.
-Please bring (2) magazines of your choice to share in the collage session.

Gentle Yoga Immersion Training: 65 hours (CORE TT500+ hours)

Our Gentle Yoga training program is for those who love the softer side of movement. This training is for students who wish to teach these styles of yoga, or for those who wish to deepen their practice and understanding of these more gentle forms. Focus will be on gentle vinyasa, gentle, kundalini, yin, restorative, chair, therapeutic yoga and meditation. We will practice all styles in class, as well as practice teach them in small group settings. Yes, you will learn to actually teach what your learn in this training program. Cindy will share her knowledge and experience with the fundamentals of teaching and sequencing, the physiology and psychology of stress, and how to work with all types of yoga students, in a way that is inviting and attainable.


Mentorship Programs

A mentorship is an invaluable gift to give to yourself to enhance your yogic journey. Studying under the tutelage of a seasoned and senior teacher can bring much joy to your practice and quickly develop skills that are challenging to harness elsewhere.

You will observe classes with a new eyes, hear teaching with advanced ears and learn to create unique sequences that are soulful, loving and stimulating. Choosing the right mentor is a bit like choosing a friend - someone who will nurture you but not be afraid to communicate where growth is needed. Through the course of the mentorship, you will learn to assist and do hands-on adjustments with many students in an assortment of classes, workshops, trainings and retreats. When we are complete, you will become an amazing teacher and be fully prepared to walk into any setting and teach Yoga!

I accept mentor students in Vinyasa, Gentle, Yin, Restorative, Yoga Therapy and Yoga for Cancer and Healing. You may study in one area or comfortably cross train in several.


60 Hour Mentorship includes

44 hrs in class + 10 hrs of a special project + 1 hr private w/ me.

Cost = $525

100 Hour Mentorship includes

84 hrs in class + 10 hrs of a special project + 1 hr private w/ me.

Cost = $845

All mentorship programs are a combination of practice, observation, and hands-on work with students. Yoga philosopy, theory, anatomy & physiology, asana, breath work, sequence strategy, props, music and career directions will be explored.